Fair Housing

Equal Housing

RPOAMM supports Fair Housing principles and advocates its membership to self-educate regarding the provisions of Fair Housing laws at the national, state and local levels.

The resources below are important for RPOAMM members to familiarize themselves with and to adhere to the provisions to avoid serious and severe penalties.

Tenant screening is a multi-dimension component of successful land-lording… to hopefully recruit tenants who treat your property as if it was theirs, pay rent in timely fashion, obey all laws and rules, and are long term renters. RPOAMM membership meetings often include discussions on the topic of tenant screening. It is also recommended you consider a special educational program on tenant screening … one source you might examine is www.rpoaonline.org … the Training & Events section as to when such programming might be offered. A key component to tenant screening also includes strict adherence to the requirements of Fair Housing laws and rules.



Often a local jurisdiction will also incorporate ordinance provisions tie-barred to the state and/or national acts.

Check the provisions in the local jurisdiction(s) where your rental property is located.

Upcoming Events

Hosted By Doug B.

Rental Property Owners Association of Mid-Michigan

July Membership Meeting

July 18th 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm

Sidebar East Lansing – 246 E. Saginaw St. Ste 2 East Lansing Mi. 48823

Guest Speaker is Jennifer Burnette – Director of Housing Programs at Lansing Housing Commission


  • Housing partnerships with local landlords
  • Voucher Programs Available
  • Housing needs in the Lansing and surrounding area.