Look Up Legislative Bills in Michigan Legislature



The search default is set to report on legislation introduced during the current sessions of the Michigan Legislature. At the top of the screen is a link, Home Page Overview, to a video tutorial on how to use the site.

The Bills page can be used to look up legislation from prior years. When searching for a bill in a previous year, you will need to know the year in which the legislative bill was active.

For demonstration purposes, we will use two bills advocated by RPOAMM that were enacted into law; one in 2015 and another in 2016.

For our example – use the drop-down box and indicate the “2015-2016” legislative session. Then in the Bill Number box enter “72” and you will note the law enacted in late 2016 regarding marihuana;… of interest to rental property owners.  If you didn’t know the Bill Number in the box below “Bill Number” you could enter the word “marihuana.” With this approach you will note that SB072 appears at the top of the subsequent listing … but you also receive all other legislation dealing with the marihuana issue.

Another example of a legislative bill advocated by RPOAMM is SB394. Change the search period to 2015-2016 and in the Bill Number box enter 394 (omit the “SB”). This bill which was enacted into law in February 2016 deals with “rental housing inspections”.